Recently I hit over 1,000 followers which is absolutely amazing! I’m glad to know none of us are too old for the magic of Disney! Everyone should follow these great blogs! Without them my blog wouldn’t have the lovely gifs and edits that they make and reblog!

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People always do crazy things when they’re in love.

disneymagicandco asked: °o° If you’ve received this Mickey Mouse head, you’re a great Disney blog! Pass this on to 10 people you think have great Disney blogs.

thanks!! C:

Congratulations Disney’s Frozen: winner at the 86th Annual Academy Awards!


Here are your winners for best disney blog sidebar image!

Anonymous asked: i absolutely love your sidebar image :)

thank you. C: i’m going to change it soon though.

only kept it this long because of the disney blog awards. ahhha.


Alright so I finally hit 5k and I’m taking this chance to rip up some toilet paper and throw paper confetti in the air because I honestly never thought I’d hit it. 5k was my unrealistic goal when I first made this account and to actually reach it is pretty surreal, so thank you all for putting up with me and my horribly multi-fandom blog you’re all fantastic. But yes thank you to all the blogs I follow for making my dash interesting and blessing me with your lovely edits, you’re all grand and I hope you find $20 on the floor. (I literally made this at past midnight yesterday so I’m 100% positive I forgot people so if I did I’m very sorry please forgive me).


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